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Welcome to GEO's Ahar, Iran earthquakes Event Website

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Data Source availability


New on Thursday September 27:       TSX amplitude images from DLR;

New on Wednesday September 19:       NCC GPS data;

New on Friday August 24:       Kanazawa aftershock map;

New on Wednesday August 22:       Kanazawa aftershock map;       TerraSAR-X tasking;

New on Thursday August 16:       Pomona seismicity map;

New on Monday August 13:       GSI surface rupture map;

      USGS shakemap;


Envisat no data
ERS No data available
ALOS No data available
TerraSAR-X No data available
Radarsat-1 No data available
Radarsat-2 No data available
Cosmo No data available
Short-period IRIS Ahar Map
Long-period No data available
Broad-band No data available
Continuous GPS data at supersites
Campaign GPS Data at UNAVCO
Strainmeter No data available
Tilt No data available
Gas No data available
gravity No data available
High-res No data available
Lidar No data available

First Earthquake, 11 August 2012 12:23 UTC, Latitude 38.322°N,Longitude 46.888°E, Mw 6.4, Depth 9.9 km (USGS).
Second Earthquake, 11 August 2012 12:34 UTC, Latitude 38.324°N,Longitude 46.759°E, Mw 6.3, Depth 9.8 km (USGS).

The CEOS Supersite Coordination Team in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) and the National Cartographic Center (NCC) of Iran is investigating what resources will be made available. If you have data or results that you would like to post on this webpage, please e-mail Falk Amelung, the Task Leader of GEO's Supersite initiative (famelung@rsmas.miami.edu) or Susanna Gross (supersites@unavco.org). If appropriate, a KMZ file is convenient to use in the field.

Instrumental intensity from the USGS (estimated):

SAR, Topography, Visible, GPS, Strain, Earthquakes, Links

SAR Data

Natural Laboratory SAR Data for Download index of SAR data for download




The images above show an amplitude overlay of the pre-seismic and post-seismic acquisitions. The first image has been generated from a strip 11 TanDEM-X image acquired on 28.03.2012 and a TerraSAR-X image acquired on 29.08.2012. The second was generated from a strip 12 images acquired on 10.08.2011 from the TanDEM-X mission and 18.08.2012 from the TerraSAR-X mission. The red channel has been assigned to the pre-seismic image, the green channel to the post-seismic image and the blue channel to the sum of both divided by two. This way, pixels that have identical intensity in pre- and post-seismic images will appear in grayscale, pixels appearing in red correspond to a stronger backscattering in the pre-seismic image and pixels appearing in green to a stronger backscattering in the post-seismic image. The DLR Earth Observation Center has processed these images. Interferograms from these pairs were completely incoherent due to the surface changes.

The DLR has planned TerraSAR-X acquisitions over the area of the Ahar earthquakes on ascending and decending tracks in August 2012 (see maps above). On August 18th, they planned an acquisition with the beam "strip12" ( see map ) that covers the eastern part of the area, and on August 29th they planned an acquisition with the beam "strip11" ( see map ) that covers the western part of the area. DLR has also planned an acquisition on the descending track to be acquired on August 22 (see map above). These TerraSAR-X scenes will be available through the standard TerraSAR-X science data projects.

SAR, Topography, Visible, GPS, Strain , Earthquakes, Links

SAR, Topography,Visible, GPS, Strain , Earthquakes, Links

Visible/Infrared Images

SAR, Topography, Visible, GPS, Strain, Earthquakes, Links

GPS Data

Raw GPS data from the permanent GPS station network around the epicenter of the Ahar earthquakes can be downloaded here. The data come from the Iran National Cartographic Center (NCC) and were contributed by F. Tavakoli, H.R. Nankali and F. Khorami.

UNAVCO's GPS data archive interface for this earthquake.

SAR, Topography,Visible, GPS, Strain, Earthquakes, Links


SAR, Topography, Visible, GPS, Strain, Earthquakes, Links

Earthquake Data

    Ground Motion

    Map of preliminary surface ruptures (red lines) mapped in the field by the Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) overlain on their map of the epicenters, courtesy of Behnam Oveisi from GSI. They observed up to 65 cm of horizontal and 25+/-5 cm of vertical displacement.


    Sadra Karimzadeh (Kanazawa University, Japan) and Ziyadin Çakir (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey) plotted the surface rupture reported by IIEES (http://www.iiees.ac.ir/English/ ) together with the aftershock distribution.

    Aftershocks (from IIEES) and focal mechanisms (from CMT) of recent earthquakes near Tabriz city within structural map of NW Iran adopted from IIEES. Locations of Iranian permanent GPS stations are shown with 4 letter station names inside black rectangles. This map was prepared by Sadra Karimzadeh (Kanazawa University, Japan) and Ziyadin Çakir (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey).

    Jascha Polet of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, has prepared a map of historical seismicity of the area in NW Iran and adjacent countries from the Global CMT catalog, relocated ISC and PDE catalogs.


    US Geological Survey

    The Global Centroid-Moment-Tensor (CMT) Project

    Source Model

    Stress Transfer

SAR, Topography, Visible, GPS, Strain , Earthquakes, Links







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