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SAR Data Access

Scientists interested in conducting Supersite research with ESA SAR data should contact ESA at EOHELP@ESA.INT for the access credentials.

The data are available from ESA’s “Virtual Archive” through EOLI SA or using the getSAR package (

In agreement with ESA’s terms and conditions users are expected to provide feedback to ESA about the Virtual Archive and to report to ESA about the research conducted. The preferred vehicle for reporting is the attendance of ESA conferences or conferences with ESA-sponsored Supersite sessions.

GPS Data Access

UNAVCO archives GNSS (GPS) data from hundreds of campaigns and over 1000 permanent stations. The Archive's GNSS holdings are divided into two categories according to collection style: permanent station (also referred to as continuous) and campaign (also referred to as episodic or survey-mode). All of the Archive's publicly available permanent station or campaign GNSS data can be accessed directly from UNAVCO.

GPS data from the UNAVCO GPS Data Archives are generally freely available. See the UNAVCO Data Policy.