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GNSS data sharing initiatives

The Geohazard Supersites partnership is developing a worldwide GNSS data sharing pilot project.

Initial funding comes from the Europe-U.S. COOPEUS program.
UNAVCO is contributing development and installations of GSAC-WS, the Geodesy Seamless Archive Web Services, for geodetic data sharing through open-source software for search, discovery and download of data.

GSAC Web Services

GSAC is a free, open-source software package for data repositories with site-located instruments and their data files, especially geodesy repositories. GSAC provides a complete set of the latest web services for search, discovery, and download of geodesy data in existing repositories. Any organization with geodesy data files, and information about the data files and related monuments (stations) and instruments in a database, can implement a data repository with web services by utilizing GSAC code. GSAC-WS uses the latest software technology to create a complete web site with the latest web services. The GSAC-WS software package provides comprehensive user access to a broad range of space geodetic data including GPS/GNSS, DORIS, SLR, and VLBI.

GSAC is a suite of open-source Java code for geodesy data repositories, with a web-browser-based UI for data search and data file downloading. GSAC has a self-describing web services RESTful API through URLs, and a client process to work with the API. GSAC provides site (station) log information in formats including SINEX and GAMIT station.info files, as well as new IT formats such as XML and JSON. With GSAC a geodesy or geophysics data center can quickly offer a set of complete, consistent, modern web services for remote users to query the data center about stations and instruments, and download data files.

For more about GSAC and its operation at your geodesy data repository, see the GSAC document UNAVCO GSAC WS: Web Services for Geodesy Data Repositories. There is a complete GSAC web site at UNAVCO, including introductions, and use and installation help.


GSAC website

UNAVCO GSAC WS: Web Services for Geodesy Data Repositories.

UNAVCO GSAC WS: User Guide for GSAC Data Repositories.

"A Europe-Japan-United States GNSS data-sharing pilot project for the Geohazard Supersites and Natural Laboratories". (Initial planning document version 1, 17 April 2012, doc, pdf)

17 April 2012 teleconference minutes ( pdf) "GNSS data sharing pilot"

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