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SAR Footprints Data Source availability
Envisat most recent July 9, 2011
ERS No data available
ALOS NEW data!
TerraSAR-X available from DLR
Radarsat-1 March 23, 2008
Radarsat-2 No data available
UAVSAR May 9, 2011
Cosmo available from PoC via ASI
all types IRIS Hawaii Station Map
GPS GPS data and time series
Strainmeter No data available
Tilt No data available
Gas Open File Reports
gravity No data available
High-res No data available
Lidar No data available






The Supersites initiative is happy to welcome the Italian Space Agency (ASI) as a new partner. They have started to provide COSMO-SkyMed data for the Hawaii Supersite. Data will be for science use only, after the signature of the COSMO-SkyMed license for use by the scientists.

All ground-based data are open access according to the policies of the respective data provider unless specified otherwise. Users of ground-based data originating from volcano observatories agree to give proper attribution and to refrain from making public predictions or forecasts of volcanic activity, pursuant to established international protocols (IAVCEI, 1999, Professional conduct during volcanic crises, Bull. Volcano. 60: 323-334)

SAR Data


    Hawaii data at archive4
    ESA data table and map
    Google Earth file of ASAR frames

    Google Maps view of ASAR frames

    ENVISAT ASAR data from mode 4, track 157, spanning 4/12/07 - 6/21/07 and showing deformation associated with the "Father's Day" intrusion and eruption, including summit subsidence and rift opening. Interferogram made by Mike Poland of the USGS.


    The Canadian Space Agency has generously granted permission for the Hawaii Supersite to distribute Radarsat-1 data from a simple index.


    JAXA has provided ALOS Palsar data for the Hawaii Supersite provided the user accepts the terms of use available here.

    ALOS PALSAR data spanning 5/5/07 - 6/20/07 and showing displacements associated with the "Father's Day" intrusions and eruption along Kilauea's east rift zone. The rift zone spread apart and the summit deflated as a consequence of the activity. Interferogram made by Mike Poland of the USGS.


    UAVSAR data can be downloaded from this search interface. To get a list of Hawaii scenes, search on "HI".


    TerraSAR-X data can be obtained by submitting a proposal to the German Space Agency (DLR) via the TerraSAR Science Service System ( http://sss.terrasar-x.dlr.de/). Users should first establish an account on the Web site before preparing and then submitting their proposal. In the proposal, specify that you intend to make use of data as part of the Hawaii Supersite. DLR will review the proposal and, if it is accepted, establish a user account from which a pre-determined number of TerraSAR-X scenes from Hawaii may be ordered. It may take up to several months for the proposal to be evaluated.


    COSMO-SkyMed data have been made available by ASI through the Hawaii Supersite Point of Contact (Mike Poland, U.S. Geological Survey). To request access to the data, please contact Mike (mpoland@usgs.gov). You will be required to read, initial each page, and sign the last page of ASI's license agreement for CSK data (which Mike will send to you upon receiving your access request). The agreement will then need to be sent via email and as a hard copy to Simona Zoffoli, who is coordinating ASI's collaboration with the Supersites project. Simona's contact information is:

    Simona Zoffoli (simona.zoffoli@asi.it)
    ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana / Italian Space Agency
    Osservazione della Terra / Earth Observation
    Via del Politecnico, snc - 00133 - Rome - ITALY
    T.: +39 06 85 67 292 - F.: +39 06 85 67 396

    Upon approval, you will be added to an email distribution list that includes links to new data as they are acquired. Older data can be obtained by contacting Mike.

GPS Data


Earthquake Data

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and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Users of ESA data should agree to these Terms and Conditions and acknowledge ESA's contribution with the phrase "Data provided by the European Space Agency" in publications. The GEO Geohazards Supersite website pages include preliminary results contributed by researchers.
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