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Welcome to the Latin America Natural Laboratory

Regional Map Data Source availability
Envisat No data
ERS No data available
ALOS No data available
TerraSAR-X No data available
Radarsat-1 No data available
Radarsat-2 No data available
Cosmo No data available
Short-period IRIS Latin America Station Map
Long-period No data available
Broad-band No data available
Continuous GPS UNAVCO's DAI
Strainmeter No data available
Tilt No data available
Gas No data available
gravity No data available
High-res No data available
Lidar No data available
The plan is to establish four regional Natural Laboratories for Latin America:
Northern Andes, Central and Southern Andes, Central America and Caribbean.
This website serves to collect initial information on these proposed natural laboratories during the development phase.

Break-out session at Unavco Science Meeting, February 28 2012


    Supersites and Natural Laboratories overview by F. Amelung (pdf ).

    Southern Andes by F. Blume and B Brooks (ppt, pdf)

    Ecuador by P. Motthes (ppt, pdf)

    Columbia, by Héctor Mora-Páez (pdf)

Potential Participants

Proposed TerraSAR-X acquisitions

Caribbean Natural Laboratory

Santiago, D.R


Central American Natural Laboratory

Telica and Cerro Negro, Nicaragua (NEED IMAGE)

Arenal, Costa Rica

Northern Andes Natural Laboratory


Southern Andes Natural Laboratory (NEED IMAGES)

Lascar, Chile

Lastaria and Lazufre, Chile

Laguna del Maule, Chile


For the Latin American Natural Laboratories, NASA plans to image the active volcanoes once or twice a year with the UAVSAR for deformation monitoring. The following flight routes are tentatively planned with imaging starting in ~December 2012. The data will be open access from NASA's UAVSAR portal. For information on UAVSAR please visit: http://uavsar.jpl.nasa.gov/. For questions and suggestions on flight planning please contact Paul Lundgren at JPL or Falk Amelung at the University of Miami.

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