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Previous Supersites

Welcome to GEO's Previous Supersites and Other Events

This secondary index lists sites for which additional data has been provided, but which were never made an official supersite.

Previous Supersites

Geohazard Natural Laboratories

The next stage of the Geohazard Supersites is to develop a global network of Natural Laboratories as explained in the Supersites strategic plan (see Supersites documents). The following Natural Laboratories are under discussion. For many, ESA data are readily available for download from EOLI SA. If particular data are missing please send e-mail to supersites@unavco.org. Users are encouraged to repatriate data to ESA by uploading them with ftp to sar-in.unavco.org, login as anonymous, cd dropoff, upload and notify UNAVCO via email at supersites@unavco.org.

Supersites KMZ files

Potential Supersites KMZ files

Other Events

Many significant earthquakes affect only a limited population and do not warrant the establishment of an "Event Supersite." GEO, realizing that scientific research of these events is beneficial, encourages the satellite operators and the institutions operating ground-based networks to contribute data to these other events.

For the geological disasters listed here the European Space Agency and or other organizations have agreed to make data sets available. In the event of geological disasters anywhere in the world members of the geohazard scientific community are encouraged to express their interest in the establishment of event websites.

Napa earthquake, USA

The August 2012 Ahar (northwestern Iran) Earthquakes

The May 2012 Emiliana Po Plain (northern Italy) Earthquake Sequence

The 23 October 2011 Van, Turkey Earthquake

The 13 April 2010 Yushu (Southern Qinghai), China, Earthquake

The 4 April 2010 Sierra El Mayor, Baja California, Mexico, Earthquake

The April 2010 Eyjafjallajökul Iceland Volcanic Eruption

The 6 April 2009 L'Aquila Italy Earthquake

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