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Geohazard Supersites: definitions (pdf). Selection process by CEOS (pdf) Proposal guidelines for in-situ data (pdf).

Draft of comprehensive strategic plan - very much a draft - version 1.0, Ocotober 2011. (pdf,   docx )
Implementing GEOSS, GEO's Tohoku-oki (Japan) Earthquake Supersite, by Falk Amelung online article

White Paper for the Geohazards Supersites Partnership (final version, October 2011) pdf
White Paper supplement (version 3.3, October 2011)pdf

Questionnaire on Supersites

Questionnaire on Supersites and Natural Laboratories: doc, pdf

Proposed Natural Laboratory: Dead Sea
Proposed Natural Laboratory: Columbia
Proposed Natural Laboratory: Ecuador
Proposed Natural Laboratory: La Réunion Volcanoes

WEGENER 2012, Strasbourg

Supersites Breakout and Board meeting Discussion at WEGENER 2012, Strasbourg 18 & 19, September 2012:   Minutes

GEO V-III Plenary, Istanbul 16-17 November 2011

Overview on Supersites and Natural Laboratories, Falk Amelung ( pptx, pdf)
Progress report to GEO Plenary (pdf )
Category-1 proposals to ESA The Supersites scientific advisory committee has submitted a coordinated sequence of four Category-1 proposals to the European Space Agency. The submitted proposals are:
  1. Global earthquake cycle studies using the ERS1,2 and Envisat SAR data archives.
  2. Global volcano studies using the ERS1,2 and Envisat SAR data archives.
  3. Changes of the Earth's climate from 20 years of ERS1,2 and Envisat SAR data.
  4. Orbital and atmospheric noise in InSAR data inferred from the global ERS1,2 and Envisat SAR data archives.

Fringe 2011, September 17-23 in Frascati, Italy

Overview on Supersites and Natural Laboratories, Wolfgang Lengert and Falk Amelung (pptx, pdf)
DLR's Supersites activities, M. Eineder (pdf)
FRINGE summary ( pptx, pdf)

Supersites Splinter meeting

Report by CEOS (J. Sauber on behalf of C. Dobson, NASA) ( pptx)
In-situ networks in Europe (EPOS) by M Cocco ( ppt,pdf)
In-situ networks in North America by F. Boler, Unavco) ( pptx, pdf)
In-situ networks in Japan (by M. Hashimoto, Kyoto ( ppt ,pdf)
(info on European Commission FP7 Supersites program, pdf)

Minutes from Miscellaneous GNSL Meetings

2013-03-21 Minutes from GSNL telecon pdf

2013-02-05 Minutes from GSNL telecon pdf

2012-12-05 Minutes from GSNL meeting at AGU pdf  

Additional Presentations

GEOSS presentation in Santiago Chile, October 2011 by Falk Amelung pdf, pptx

Wolfgang Lengert's presentation to the Volcano Observatory Best Practices Workshop, Erice, Italy, Sep 12 2011 powerpoint ,   pdf

Presentation by Craig Dobson and Falk Amelung at the CEOS-SIT Geohazard Supersites side meeting, Frascati, May 23. 36MB Powerpoint 1.5MB PDF

Presentation to CEOS Plenary, 13-14 October 2010, Rio de Janeiro pdf, ppt

Supersites Data Request spreadsheet

Summary of discussions at Bergen meeting and other comments received by July 15 2010 pdf

Wolfgang Lengert's presentation on Supersites at the EGU meeting in Vienna May 2010

GEO news article on the Haiti supersite

GEO news article on JAXA's contribution to the supersites

Max Wyss from the World Agency of Planetary Monitoring and Earthquake Risk Reduction ( Wapmerr)
provides strong arguments on how InSAR can help to accurately estimate the population affected by an earthquake.

UNAVCO workshop special topics session summary March 2010

AGU meeting presentation by Falk Amelung December 2009

GEO tasksheet for Supersites (draft from December 2009)

ALOS PI meeting presentation by Wolfgang Lengert November 2009

Supersites Cat-1 proposal May 2009

Summary of discussions at 2008, Napoli USERest meeting

Summary of 2007 Geohazard workshop and Frascati declaration

Previous initiatives: IGOS Geohazard

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